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Thursday, May 25, 2006

For the Love of Unbelievers

For the Love of Unbelievers:

I am not a Christian that believes I am better than anyone else, I believe that the best way to show unbelievers the love of Christ is to be a good friend and listen to them.  I am not choosy about who I befriend.  There are a ton of people in my life that I LOVE very deeply who are unbelievers. I am not embarrassed to be seen with them, nor do I hide the fact I am friends with them.  I have a heart for everyone and the best thing I can do is be there for them when they are hurting.  I also have a heart that burns for the salvation of those same unbelievers and pray for them everyday.  I can get along with anyone because, even though I believe strongly about certain things, I can listen to an opposing view and not get angry (unless someone attacks me then I get defensive).  There are a lot of reasons why a person chooses not to believe and we cannot assume we know what those reasons are.  One thing I do know is that sometimes it takes more than the bible for people to believe.  It takes showing love for people that we might be uncomfortable with.

One thing I know is that my Grandma "an Evangelical minister" (Paris side of family) taught me about the love of Jesus.  A love so strong that he willingly died on a cross to prove that love for me.  If you are an atheist, guess what God still loves you.  If you are any kind of an addict - Jesus still loves you.  You can deny Christ but he will always love you and there is always a door for you to run through when you are ready to realize the fullness of that love.

My brother Jason is a prime example of what the love of Jesus can do in your life.  He used to be cynical, sarcastic, angry and very defensive.  When he turned his life completely over to Christ I witnessed a remarkable change. His voice is full of confidence, love and a yearning to witness to others.  If there is anything in my life that has ever proven that God exists, it is the change in my brother.  I have prayed for him for almost 20 years and at times felt like God would never get a hold of him.  Thank GOD I never gave up because the thought of being separated from my brother from eternity was almost unbearable.  No one can ever know the love that I have for my brother.  Although he has challenged me at times, I wouldn’t take any of it back.

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