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Thursday, March 16, 2006

American Idol Junkie

American Idol Junkie

Yep. That is me. I admit it. At least it is something like this rather than drugs or alcohol or smoking (which by the way – MY MOM IS A NON SMOKER NOW – Congrats to her!)

Anyway, if you have not watched the show (you must live in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan without a TV), WATCH NOW! There is no reason not to with DVR. Record it, and BAM watch it at your leisure. It is the only way to watch TV anymore.

This show gets better and better every season. The problem this year is that there are 5 peeps that I think are AWESOME and I can't choose a favorite. I am just hoping one of these 5 win and then I will buy all the albums. These guys will all have hits.

Chris is amazing and is great at the rock stuff.

Taylor -reminds me of my dad- Hicks is also a tremendous performer, quirky but entertaining nonetheless.

Mandisa can sing anything and puts a lot of the other vocals to shame.

Paris (ahhh who can't love a girl with the first name that is my maiden surname)- SHE IS ONLY 17!. Unbelievable.

Yamin – looks just like my bro's best friend Isaac. He has a fabulous R & B style.

Bucky – can sing country like best of them.

So, go to AMERICAN IDOL .COM now and check'em out.

Mitchell ……OUT!

1 Other Freaks Said:

At 2:38 PM, Blogger Ni-Chan said...

Can I just say that I didn't really find most of them to be all that good last night. I watched and I really liked Taylor. I also liked Yamin even though the judges didn't like his arrangement. But out of the 10 of them, I really didn't see anything extraordinary...everything was just ok for me.


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