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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A Husky's Life - Indy Pindey & David Letterman

If you have ever watched David Letterman's show, you know all about the segment Stupid Pet Tricks (Kelly, if you are reading this, this one is for you.)

A couple days ago I was looking at blogs that had "Siberian Huskies" listed as an interest. I came across Indy Pindey's Blog. Apparently Indy is sooo smart he can say Hello and No - To those of us who own or have been around huskies, you know that NO is probably their most favorite word (unless you have a piece of cheese or other edible item in your hand). At any rate, I found out that Indy was on the David Letterman Show to perform his talents. That is sooo AWESOME. Maybe we can get Booker on the show for his identical immitation of CHEWBACCA. Lord knows he has that perfected. Indy is very beautiful Sibe (he is a red head.)

Anyway, Fritz and Booker really appreciated the shout out INDY gave them, since they have been feeling left out lately (with matt working so much and me becoming a blogger extraordinaire), they got really excited when I played Indy's voice. They thought that their friend Kelsey Ross was here to Play. They were a little disapointed at first but then got really excited that they might have a new friend in Maryland!

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