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Monday, May 23, 2005

Grand Haven. MI

This past Saturday, we finally took the boat out. Since our moved to the west side of the state, we are now keeping it in Grand Haven. The Marina is located in Grand Haven, but it gives us access to Spring Lake & Lake Michigan. It truly is an unbelievable landscape, and I will post pictures on this blog soon.

Two funny things happened to us, 1) we took the dogs. Fritz is used to being on the boat, he is the older one. He is over 2yrs old and has had two summers on the boat. Once he got acclimated again he was ok. Booker, the 6th month old pup, however, has never seen a boat, nor a lake. I have to first say, he hates water, he runs from it whenever possible. Well, he got on the boat freaked out, went up to the bow, and just jumped out. He was soaked. His uncle Steve saved him though by pulling him back in the boat. Needless to say he calmed down after that. 2) WE GOT PULLED OVER BY THE US COAST GUARD, doing random checks to make sure we had all the appropriate items needed for boating, such as life jackets, fire extinguishers, first aid kit, flares etc. The worst part about this was that Steve was driving and this was his first time to drive the boat. Unfortunately, before taking it out we forgot to make sure the registration was in the boat. But we didn't get a ticket, and I think it is because the guards where in love with our dogs. They ranted and raved about our dogs, and even though they are a pain sometimes, they got us out of a fine, with their good looks.

Here is some information on Michigan's West Coast (you would not believe the size of this lake. It is like a ocean. (I love this blogger stuff, if you don't blog u should think about doing it. It is cool.

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