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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

American Idol - Bo's Concert

Anyone who loves music knows how hard it is to sing acapella. Bo Bice, nailed it last night. He is amazing. I still love Carrie too, but that was a gutsy move of Bo and I can't get over it. I think Vonzell is great too. It doesn't matter if Bo wins because he will make billions anyway with that talent.

What can I say.....great talent, great competition & great show. Although Paula has been acting a little odd lately.

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At 9:47 AM, Blogger Ni-Chan said...

Bo Rocks!! Like you, I know how difficult it is to sing a cappella. I remember dreading the performances that required we do so. Not only is it very difficult to maintain pitch...but often times, you end up on a different key than in which you started. While this is difficult for the untrained ear to pick up, the judges most certainly would have picked this up. I really hope he wins...mostly because he has stayed true to who he is and he is an amazing performer. For the first time since the first season, I think the AI got it right!


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