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Friday, July 15, 2005

An update on Kidney Problems, and another DOCTOR SCREWS UP

Ok, this is the best way for me to tell everyone at once about my current kidney situation:

on June 29th, I was diagnosed with another kidney infection, I went to my specialist to get the results of an IVP X-ray I had taken in early June. I felt this infection coming on the day before my appointment so I made sure that after we talked about the results of the IVP I told him my back was hurting (my back only hurts like this when I have kidney infections and I usually get them 2 times a year). He tested me and found that I did have an infection. He gave me three Cipro pills (I take every time I get these stupid things) and said he was sending the tests in to be cultured (to see if it was resistant to any medicine). He told me they would call me with results on Friday and if I didn't hear anything by noon to to call his office in Grand Rapids. So I hadn't heard anything from his office at 1:0o on friday.

The importance of knowing what the results where by Friday, was so that I did not have to go Sat-Tues (4th of July weekend without enough meds to kill this sunavabitchen thing off). So I called his office, they told me they still didn't have the results and that someone would call me later. Well at 4:30 i got home and there was a message from the dr's office "your results are negative, continue to finish the cipro the doc gave you."

So, I did and Sun I had the typical back pain (which would register a 9 on the richter scale) This pain prevents me from walking, sleeping, thinking, functioning etc. I don't know if you have ever had kidney pain, but it is more painful than childbirth (so I have heard from those who have had kids, and have kidney pain.) Needless to say, this is a good indication that my infection has gotten a lot worse. Luckily, in April when I had my last infection, my family doc gave me 1 refill on the tylenol 3. But, even with pain meds, I could hardly move. That tells you how bad it was.

Needless to say, on wed (about 10 minutes before I was going to call my family doc and tell her I think the specialist has his head up his ass) I get a call from the specialists office:
"umm Sarah"

I said "yes, this is Sarah"

The nurse said "we are calling to let you know that the results you received on Friday about your culture were incorrect, we actually have the report here back from the hospital and you have a resistant bacterial infection that cannot be killed by any antibiotic in a pill form, it is resistant to Cipro, levaquin and other big guns. we are sorry that you had to wait and doc wants to put you on 1000 mg a day of Cipro 500 for 10 days, if you are not better than you have to have an IV."

I was pist off. "First off, I have gone 5 days without meds, second, why the hell are you making me take 1000 mg of something that my bacteria is resistant too???"

"We are sorry, we just mixed up the reports, our office did one, and the hospital did one, and we didn't see the hospital results until now."

"And so why do I have to take something that my bacteria is resistant too?"

"We have to start of conservative for insurance purposes"

ok - so I take the Cipro, and I continue to take tylenol 3 for the next ten days, nothing happens, I am actually feeling ready to die, and scared to death because I couldn't even think straight.

I go to my specialist on wed 7/13 - they decide that I have one choice (SINCE I AM ALLERGIC TO PENICILLIN) to take an IV treatment of a cousin of penicillin, that I could have severe reactions to, 2x a day for the next 7 days, exactly 12 hours apart. 6:00 am and 6:00 pm

So, I am now walking around with a heplock in my arm and a cover so I don't tear the gage out of my arm.

The good news, most of you know I have had my share of sickness over the last four years, and basically what is thought to be the case is :I have been walking around with an elevated level of this bacteria for four years. It causes bronchial problems, flu like symptoms, and UTI's. It is nice to know that there is an actual reason for why, when I get stressed out, I get really sick. I have a weakened immune system, and this is a nasty bug. I get tired, it kicks my butt. This IV thing is gonna take care of that.

What bothers me about this is - like with the pituitary tumor, why didn't the past two urologists I have seen, ever test my urine culture? It seems to be basic knowledge. I seriously think Doctors need to be called out when stuff like this happens. I would much rather they do a actual test, then to allow them the confidence of "DIAGNOSIS BY KNOWING SYMPTOMS" In the words of JOHN STOSSEL "GIVE ME A BREAK!" I am so tired of it. By all means, I realize there are many frivolous lawsuits filed out there, and I am pretty damn conservative, but when I am experiencing a LEVEL 9 pain for 15 days because you "mixed up the results." THAT IS WRONG! I SEE NOW, WHY PEOPLE FILE SUITS.

THIS STORY IS NOT OPEN FOR DEBATE - if you have a problem with this, you can leave whatever comment you like, but AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE - (previous statement that was here has been retracted by the author)

3 Other Freaks Said:

At 9:58 AM, Blogger C. Collins said...

Sarah, I agree 100%.

I have had immune dificency (sp?)since I was born and didn't know it until I was 10, 10 years it took! HELLO, warning signs were every where... I was three months early, in the hospital at least 6 months out of the year... Now when I get sick, the doctors don't even car I have this issue, they treat me like a normal patient which is not what I need. I need the special meds etc... it will be a life long battle for me to ensure I get the medical treatment needed, double checking meds and trying to know my body better than the typical.

Please know I am only telling you this not to bring you further in the "PISSED OFF" spectrum but to let you know in advance (as if you already didn't, HA) having this type of medical condition (if i read right) may never leave, mine never left, still have it today. It is much more under control today though... but never "normal"

My family tried it all... specialists, tests, etc.. Although it is under some what control based on vitimans and routine "booster" shots.. it could be relitive to age as well and knowing what I am capable and not capable of doing. However, as I stated above never "normal". My heart and thoughts go out to you and pray that this will fix the bacteria for you and then it is over.

Sometimes I seriously wonder how doctors are licenced to practice on us.... I swear I diagnose most of my colds etc before I even go in. Umm I have a sinus infection, or phneumonia (I get both often)... they are just like ok... take this... and they get the BIG BUCKS. I do agree there are good docs out there, but come on people, shouldnt they all have the same training and knowledge to be able to practice with human life?

Much love,

At 2:38 PM, Blogger Bstermyster said...

yeah, it drives me nuts that they don't do blood tests or cultures more often, because those are what tell them what type of infections people have. Matt's aunt Shirley had a great point though, if a doctor is too busy that paperwork gets misplaced then you should look for another doc. I agree. I am sure there are great docs, like my family doc. I love her - she was so mad to find out what happened. But it seems like most docs think more patients more money, but like anything in such large quantaties - you can't always do things GREAT, when you are swamped.

At 12:44 PM, Anonymous Levaquin Side Effects said...

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I am 50 years old. Have been on Levaquin for 21 days now. Started feeling achilles tendon pain 5 days after starting levaquin. Physician and pharmacy NEVER provided information about this side effect, as the prescribing information states they should. I never made the connection that an antibiotic could cause this side effect so I finished the regimen. Six months later, including three months of physical therapy, walking better, though still feel occassional pain. Fault is with physician and pharmacist. Levaquin is an important drug for fighting infections, but should be prescribed second line. There are other proven options to try first. Indiscriminate use by physicians is causing needless side effects and dramtically increasing resistance problems.

I have experienced some of these side effects-
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